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The Body in the Wall - AUDIO BOOK

The Body in the Wall - AUDIO BOOK

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Every secret has a price. Some are paid in blood.

Disgraced city banker, Malachite Peck, is no stranger to controversy, but when she decides to start over in the idyllic Cornish fishing village of Golden, she is woefully unprepared for what lies in store. When the renovations of her bookshop uncover a body, the village is thrown into turmoil.

Mal’s only friend is arrested and she’s determined to clear his name no matter the cost. But when her own life is threatened, she begins to doubt her instincts and fears for the safety of those surrounding her. Desperate to uncover the truth, Mal must confront ancient family feuds and suspicions, and navigate the dark secrets of the village.

Does she trust the police or follow her instincts? The last time she did the right thing, she ended up in jail. What will happen this time?

Fans of Anthony Horowitz will enjoy this gripping whodunnit as Malachite Peck races against time to uncover the killer.

Grab the first book in the Golden Murders series and settle down to a proper whodunnit.

Narrated by a synthetic voice.

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