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Death at Castle Wolf

Death at Castle Wolf

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A rising tide drowns all bodies

In the third electrifying installment of the Golden Murder Mysteries, Mal Peck's tranquil bridge weekend at an elite island resort spirals into a vortex of danger and deception. The mysterious drowning of a young bride upends her plans, drawing her into a deepening puzzle compounded by another unnerving murder.

As an isolating storm engulfs the island, Mal, aided by her friend Jacques Pellofey, delves into a sinister investigation. But Jacques' erratic behavior casts a shadow of doubt, leaving Mal torn between trusting her instincts or suspecting the man by her side. Is he an ally or an adversary?

Amidst a maze of illegal activities and vendettas, Mal's pursuit of the truth becomes a tightrope walk of danger. When she becomes a target, her situation turns dire, trapped and fighting for survival. The tide is rising and time is running out.

For fans of dramatic locations, great characters and devilish mysteries — dive into Mal's world, where every page promises a thrilling chase for truth.

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