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Welcome to My World of Walking and Writing

Hello, I’m Liz Hurley - an avid walker, writer, and the proud owner, with my husband, of Hurley Books in Mevagissey. My journey as an author of walking guides is intertwined with my love for Cornwall’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

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Cornwall has always been more than just a place for me. It's a source of inspiration. From the rugged coastlines to the serene countryside, each path has a story that I've sought to capture in my walking guides. My personal adventures across these trails are the foundation of each guide I write.

Walking Guides

My career as a writer began with Hurley Books, a hub for book lovers and walking enthusiasts alike. This bookshop, nestled in the heart of Mevagissey, became the birthplace of my walking guides. Here, I combined my love of writing with my passion for walking, creating guides that offer an immersive experience into Cornwall's natural wonders.

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Why me?

Each guide I write is a reflection of my personal experiences and deep knowledge of Cornwall. They are crafted not just as directions but as narratives that bring the landscape to life, making every walk an adventure to remember. Because exploring is fun and I want to share that with others. I also want people to see that anyone can get out and explore. I'm not some young, fit, athlete. I'm just someone that loves to get out there, find new stuff. Come and join me!

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I'm always excited to connect with fellow walkers and readers. Your stories and feedback inspire my writing and exploration. Join me on Facebook or Instagram, where we can share our love for Cornwall's trails.

"Thank you for visiting and getting to know me, Liz Hurley. Happy walking and exploring in Cornwall!"

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